The International Symposium on Lightning Protection (SIPDA) is a scientific event organized every two years whose main goal is to contribute to the discussion and dissemination of innovations in lightning technology. It covers all lightning-related aspects, including lightning physics and characterization, measurements, modeling techniques, detection and location systems, grounding, protection methods, and accidents and damages associated with the phenomenon.
The symposium is organized by the Institute of Energy and Environment of the University of São Paulo (IEE/USP), with the technical co-sponsorship of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).
This year the XVII SIPDA will be held jointly with the CIGRE International Colloquium on Lightning and Power Systems (ICLPS).  The conference will take place in Suzhou, China, from October 9 to 13, 2023.
All the papers will undergo the same review process, and prospective authors are invited to submit their contributions by March 30th, 2023, through the website
The CIGRE ICLPS – SIPDA 2023 has the wide support of the international community and organizations from academia, industry, and business, and we are confident that the conference will be one of the largest international events on lightning in history.
We are looking forward to meeting you in Suzhou in 2023!